Index of Papers 2013

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Fourth LCJE CEO Conference
St. Chrischona, Basel, Switzerland, May 2013

Ruth the Moabite
Bodil Skjott

H. Geer

Equipping our staff
Rolf G. Heitmann

Women in (Jewish) ministry - within the Lutheran Church
Rolf G. Heitmann

Session 5 - Mission, money & communication: Our communication with Christian churches/communities - more than money
Alex Jacob

'What's in a name?': A response to H. Geer: Replacement theology and supersessionism - the use and misuse of the term
Alex Jacob

The Next Generation - Passing the Baton
Jim Melnick

The social and political context of Jewish missions in Australia
Bob Mendelsohn

British reactions: 'Christ at the Checkpoint' (CATC)
Daniel Nessim

The social and political context of Jewish mission in Europe
Vladimir Pikman

The social and political context of Jewish mission in North America
Rob Styler

The Next LCJE Generation
Tuvya Zaretsky

Why are we here?
Tuvya Zaretsky


30th Annual North American LCJE Conference
Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Florida, USA , March 2013

THEME: "Messianic Apologetics: Responding to the Tough Questions"

Whatever Happened to Daniel 2:44?
Mike Moore

Lessons in Jewish Apologetics from the Field
Robyn Wilk

What Are Recent Jewish Scholars Saying About Jesus and the NT?
Rich Robinson

The Divine Unity and Deity of the Messiah
Noam Hendren

HIStory's Best Argument
Arlie Francis

Piercing the Veil of Jewish Secularism: Six Prominent Jewish Atheists and Their Differing Worldviews
Jim Melnick

Tisha Ba'Av: The Destruction of the Second Temple and How It May Be Used in Jewish Evangelism
David Lovi

How to Witness to Religious Jewish People
Barry Rubin