Index of Papers 2015

These papers represent the opinions of the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of LCJE.

Papers are in PDF or Word format, with some presentations available in PowerPoint.


10th International Conference - Jerusalem (August 16-21, 2015)


Working Better Together in Germany
Armin Bachor

Aviv Ministry - Ministering to Israel's Drug Addicts
Dov Bikas

The Next Generation
Eli Birnbaum

Rabbi Daniel Zion: Pioneering Insider Witness
Bill Bjoraker

Building on the Past - Looking Toward the Future
David Brickner

History of the Modern Messianic Movement in South Africa
Cecilia Burger

South Africa Report
Cecilia Burger

A Fear of Loss of Community as a Hindrance to the Gospel in Jewish Evangelism
Amy Downey

Jerome and the Jewish People: Friend, Foe or Something Else?
Amy Downey

Our Messianic Heritage - Hebrews 12: 1-3
Mitch Glaser

The Benefits of an Identifiable Messianic Community
Kirk Gliebe

The Return to Jerusalem
Efraim Goldstein

Bible Devotion - Genesis 12: 1-3
David Harley

Young North American Evangelicals and the Next Generation of Jewish Ministry
Michael Hedrick

Building the Next Generation of LCJE
Jamie Hilsden

Reaching Out to the Forgotten Jews of Far East Russia
Lawrence Hirsch

A Synoptic History of Jewish Mission
Alex Jacob

An Essay on Evangelizing Jewish Millennials
Ryan Karp

Ministry with Holocaust Survivors - (PDF) (PowerPoint)
Maxim Katz

Survey of World Jewish Demographics
Renae Kooy and Wes Taber

The Unchanging Gospel in a Changing World
Lisa Loden

10th International Conference - Report of the International Coordinator
Jim Melnick

Recent Resources for Hasidic Jewish Ministry
Jim Melnick

Report for AustralAsia
Bob Mendelsohn

The Puritan Hope [Slides to The Puritan Hope presentation]
Mike Moore

CMJ History - Its European Roots Come to North America
Theresa Newell

East Meets West: The Aleph/Alpha Courses in Jewish Evangelism
Theresa Newell

"At the Crossroads" - CMJ video
David Pileggi

Messianic Interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Its Use in Jewish Evangelism
Randall Price

Messianic Resources for Jewish Evangelism - 2015 (PDF) (PowerPoint)
Barry Rubin

Birthpangs of the Hebrew Christian/Messianic Movement
David Sedaca

Latin America Report
David Sedaca

Felix Pratensis and Jacob ben Chaim
Jim Sibley

The Lost Gospel of Jerusalem
Jim Sibley

Jewish Believers from Antiquity through the Medieval Period
Oskar Skarsaune

Mobilizing Messianic Youth in Short-term Missions
Yokhanan Stanfield

France and Anti-Semitism
Joshua Turnil

The Lausanne Movement and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Response
Tuvya Zaretsky

Jewish-Gentile Couples: Intermarriage and Evangelism
Tuvya Zaretsky

President's Report
Tuvya Zaretsky



32nd Annual North American LCJE Conference
Vancouver, British Columbia

THEME: "Messiah at the Exclamation Point - Evangelism and Reconciliation in the Land"


Profile of North American Messianic Jews
Andrew Barron and Bev Jamison

Ten Narratives on the Place of Story and Orality in Christian and Messianic Jewish Theology and Ministry: Rediscovering the Lost Treasures of Hebraic Narrative Epistemology (PDF) / (PowerPoint)
Bill Bjoraker

Is Christian Palestinianism Part of Eschatological Anti-Semitism?
Olivier Melnick

Bonding in the Midst of Controversy (PDF) / (PowerPoint)
Susan Perlman

Media Update - 2015
Susan Perlman

The High Cost of Biblical Reconciliation
Galen Peterson

Proclaiming the Prince of Peace: Missiological Implications of Biblical Reconciliation
Galen Peterson

Answering the New Covenant Perspective's Charge on the Absence of Restoration to the Land Texts in the New Testament (PDF) / (PowerPoint)
Randall Price

Mapping Contemporary Views on Israel-Palestine (PDF) / (Slides)
Richard A.Robinson and David Brickner

Is Christian Zionism Based on Bad Theology?
Judith Mendelsohn Rood and Paul W. Rood

The Rejection of Israel? The Evidence from Romans 11:15
Jim Sibley

Reading the Bible in the Right Direction: Hermeneutical Considerations for Evangelism and Reconciliation in the Land (PDF) / (PowerPoint)
Tim Sigler

A Messianic Jewish View on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (PDF) / (PowerPoint)
David Zadok

(The LCJE-North American 2015 Papers can also be found here).