From the Coordinator

LCJE Prayer Letter

Issue #2 of LCJEs new prayer letter has been published. It is edited by Mary Chase, Moscow. Its primary target is Christians in the Majority World but anyone can receive it by applying to Mary Chase, mail: Prayer requests should also be sent to her.

Below are a few items from issue #2.

Russia and Ukraine
Jews in Russia and Ukraine have for decades been denied the right to practice their faith. Consequently, many Russian and Ukrainian Jews know nothing about their Jewish traditions and beliefs.

Praise and Petitions

1. Many Jewish ministries in Russia and Ukraine are reaching out to these Jewish communities through teaching them about their Jewish traditions and faith. As they do this, they also share with them that Yeshua (Jesus) is the fulfilment of their faith.

Please pray that God will use these ministries to bring many Jews to faith. 2. Recently leaders of Messianic congregations from all over the former Soviet Union met together for a time of fellowship and discussion.

Praise God that in spite of the diversity of beliefs and practices there was a spirit of unity at the meeting. Please pray that these congregations will continue to focus on outreach to the Jewish community at large.

Over the past several years Jews from the former Soviet Union have flooded into Germany. Next year new immigration policies will make it more difficult for Soviet Jews to move to Germany.

Praise and Petitions
1. Ministry among Russian speaking Jews in Germany has been going on for 10 years now. Recently a Messianic center was opened in Berlin.

Praise God for providing this wonderful place of ministry. Please ask the Father to use this center for His glory. Pray that He would provide the funds needed to keep the center operating and that He would give wisdom and grace to those who are ministering there.

Kai Kjr-Hansen