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Index of Papers 2001

All Papers ©LCJE
These papers contain the opinions of the authors, and are not necessarily representative of LCJE.

Papers are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) unless otherwise noted.

  • Evangelical Outreach to Israeli Jewish Emigres in North America as of 2001 by Bill Bjoraker

  • Children's Outreach: Past, Present & Future by Kirk Gliebe

  • LCJE Latin American Report by Yosef Koelner

  • Engaging the Emerging Jewish Generations by Justin Krom

  • The bible's Missing Page: An Examination of the Views and Beliefs of Benjamin Disraeli by Stan Meyer

  • "All of these Efforts were Failures" - Alliances of Hebrew Christians by the Rev. Dr. James Warnock

  • The Challenge of Russian-Jewish Evangelism and the Transformation of the Messianic Movement by Greg Zhelezny