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President of LCJE International Committee

Tuvya Zaretsky is the International Coordinating Committee president of the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism (LCJE). Leaders from several continents serve on this LCJE committee, along with International Coordinator, Dr. Kai Kjaer-Hansen. The committee plans international conferences, oversees the international budget and encourages membership in LCJE worldwide.

Dr. Zaretsky holds the distinction of being the first field missionary of the Jews for Jesus organization, beginning February 1, 1974. Today he continues that service as Chief of Station of the Jews for Jesus Los Angeles branch and as Board chair of their office in Tel Aviv.

Tuvya was raised in California in a traditional Jewish family practicing Reform Judaism. At his bar mitzvah at age thirteen, Tuvya read from Isaiah 6:1-8 where the prophet said, "Hineni - Here I am, send me!" On that occasion Zaretsky began his search for God. During the '60s counter-culture he met a Christian friend who encouraged him to ask God to reveal Himself. Tuvya encountered the God of his Jewish forefathers in Yeshua (Jesus), coming to faith in Him on December 7, 1970.

Tuvya has practical experience in Jewish evangelism leadership in the major cities of the US, UK, Canada, and Israel. He has presented papers at the LCJE and Evangelical Theological Society and at international consultations including the 1989 meeting that produced the watershed Willowbank Declaration on the Christian Gospel and the Jewish People. He has published articles and the booklets Turning to God [IVPress] and Hineni - Here am I, but where are you? [JFJ, 2004]. He has also contributed chapters to The Death of Messiah edited by Kai Kjaer-Hansen [1994], Jewish Identity and Jesus [The Caspari Center, 1996] and Israel: the Land and the People [Kregel, 1999].

Tuvya earned the Doctor of Missiology degree through the Division of Intercultural Studies at Western Seminary, Portland, OR. He is married to Ellen, another Jewish believer in Jesus. The Zaretskys have three children.