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Index of Papers 2004
All Papers ©LCJE

These papers contain the opinions of the authors, and are not necessarily representative of LCJE.

Papers are in Microsoft Word 6.0/95 format (.doc) unless otherwise noted.

The 2004 North American LCJE Conference was held at the Novotel Hotel, Toronto North York, Ontario, Canada, April 26-27, 2004. This year's theme was Training for Jewish Evangelism.

NOTE: More papers will be added as they become available. The Conference Program (linked below) includes a comprehensive list of all papers presented at the conference.

  • 2004 LCJE-NA Press Release
    (3 pages)

  • 2004 LCJE-NA Conference Program
    (5 pages)

  • Report on Bible Translation in Jewish Languages (40 pages)
       Chart of Jewish Languages (pdf)

  • Latin American Report
    by David Sedaca (2 pages)

  • The History of Jewish Missions in Canada
    by Daniel Nessim (18 pages)

  • Reflections On Missionary Training
    by Moishe Rosen (14 pages)

  • In Search of Hermann Warszawiak: The Tragedy of Hermann Warszawiak, Part II
    by Rich Robinson (6 pages)

  • Messianic Congregations, Building a Mission Community
    by Dr. Don Meecha (20 pages)

  • My Life in Jewish Evangelism Training
    by Karol Joseph (7 pages)

  • “They Crucified Him”
        Comments on ‘The Passion’, The New Testament and anti-Semitism
    by Kai Kjær-Hansen (7 pages)

  • My Perspective on Jewish Evangelism
    by Albert Runge (13 pages)